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The POEA or Philippine Overseas Employment Agency, is the agency responsible for millions of jobs for Filipinos abroad. In recent years, the POEA has set its sights on first-world countries in Asia like Singapore.

Singapore being only four hours away from Manila, is a great place to start job hunting for Filipino’s wishing to work abroad for more money. In the last ten years Singapore has hired thousands of Filipino’s in the domestic help field and in more recent years the IT and Arts sector.

The IT and Creative job sector in Singapore has opened up to Filipino’s due to the English language skills of “pinoys”, Local agencies have discovered that “singlish” can be quite confusing for the foreigners trying to do business in Singapore, hence the hiring of Filipino’s with tech expertise and language skills.

Singapore with its 2 is to 1 dollar to Singapore dollar ratio is a great alternative for those Filipino’s who do not wish to work in the gulf states far-away from home. The city-state still offers great earning capacity but without the “home-sickness” attributed to living and working in the middle-east

Many Filipino’s find themselves leaving Singapore for the Philippines on the weekends and coming back for the Monday workday, refreshed and re-energized from the mini-vacation back home.

Singapore indeed is becoming a haven for Filipino workers wishing to enjoy the best of both worlds – a country no to far from the Philippines with the “Salary-power” to boot.

Finding POEA Accredited Agencies

POEA accredited agencies in Concepcion Malabon City – How many are legitimate? This question is the first question that enters a Filipino overseas worker’s mind. With all the scam artists in the Philippines looking to fleece the unsuspecting job seeker with offers of lucrative jobs in far-away places, it is good to have an agency like the POEA to accredit and regulate recruitment agencies in Concepcion, Malabon City.

How does one check if the recruitment agency is legitimate or tell-tale signs they are a scam:

1. POEA License, there are a number of steps that a would-be recruitment agency in Concepcion, Malabon City must go through before a license is released. First, you would need to have proof that you actually have employers abroad that you will match locals with, this is hard to fake as the POEA checks extensively the background of the off-shore employers

2. Up-front fees. some “POEA Agencies” will chrage you an upfront fee – from $50 to a few thousand dollars these fees should be thoroughly perused before paying them. Many agencies in Malabon City are paid by the off-shore employers a finders fee for getting them the right employee. In fact this is the industry standard, if a company in Saudi needs an oil-driller, they contact the POEA and then the POEA gives a list of manpower agencies, the agencies then submit a list of workers and the companies choose the workers, when the workers are hired the agency gets paid. Beware of up-front fees

3. Migration / Immigration offices that offer jobs abroad, these fall into a gray area as these offices do not have a POEA license to disburse jobs, they are just migration experts who are sometimes(unwittingly) tied up with scam agencies

All in all, use common wisdom to weed out the untrue from the real afterward it comes to POEA “accredited agencies” – check their license right of the bat to see if they are legit.

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