Job opportunities in the Philippines:

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jobs in the philippines

Job seekers aspire to get a high paying job. While many of us prefer to work overseas to elevate our living standard, others choose to stay in the country and explore the possible career opportunities that will help them achieve their goals without living abroad.

According to the recent reports released by Jobstreet.com, young professionals can acquire high-paying job based on their experience which may lead them to the industry that can potentially help them earn more.

In this generation, working through online jobs and dealing with various nationalities is one of the best choices for fresh graduates and those who prefer working at home. People nowadays have embraced the positive side of working home-based. With online jobs, we don’t have to wake up early and avoid the heavy traffic. We work in the comfort of our home, and we worry less about the unpredictable weather.

Clients who you’ll be working in the online jobs are usually from the other countries like US, Canada, and the UK. Hence, those who are interested in engaging in this type of job must have excellent English communication skills, perseverance, discipline, and a good working experience which is relevant to what the clients are looking for.


Call Center Agent

You can choose to be a home-based call center agent. Companies from other parts of the world are now open to that kind of employment opportunity. Convenience in this work starts when the client provides necessary software which you can use for a particular task.

Home-based call center jobs can give you an income of up to 25,000 pesos per month for full-time work.

Content Marketer

If you have the passion for writing, you can choose to be a content marketer. Write articles that promote a brand online via blogs, e-books, and social media. If you have the talent to select and place relevant content on specific sites, content marketing is the best home-based job for you.

Online English Teacher

You can always pursue your passion for teaching without leaving at home. If you have excellent communication skills to teach, you can be an online English teacher and get a salary up to 58,000 pesos.

Project Manager

If you have the ability to manage a team with excellent coordination, then be a project manager who knows how to handle people to do simple tasks for the clients. This type of online job can give you high income in just a month.

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